The Practice of Gratitude and How it can turn your day around.

This is How a little Gratitude can change your whole day.

Yesterday was a very grey day, and a Bank Holiday Monday. It threatened to take over the whole day smothering it with Grey when I awoke with the familiar feeling that I was tired, so tired that things ached. I did not want to crawl out of bed, but there was simply no more sleep to be had. My sister was arriving for a visit in the afternoon, she felt the same, we were both lethargic for differing reasons. We have been consciously trying to spend more time with each other lately and I hope that it is doing us both some good.
Foolishly yesterday morning I downloaded an update for my iphone and promptly thought no more of it. Now my use of the phone is limited, but I like to make use of it for photos’ social media and texts, as well as the occasional phone call of course. I merrily went on my way.

When Susie, my sister arrived we sat and spoke about all sorts of things, but mainly projects in the pipeline and what we wanted to do. I spoke about some of my own projects I want to work on some of which she has agreed to assist me with. Susie is a musician and now has new found freedom with the recent purchase of her first car. So she is widening her working area. Attending gigs further out and new experiences are opening up for her, in fact she’s consciously seeking them out, she is now following her own dream. We started to spend more time with each other so that I could help her gain more confidence out in the car, for when she hits the road for gigs up and down the country. It gives me the ideal opportunity to spend time with my younger sibling without other distractions. Some Quality Time at last. I am showing her the local countryside where we have lived for all of her life and she is seeing things with new eyes. All of these wonderful places, right here on her doorstep, but needing to get there by car, they have been limited to her up until now.

So as I try to think of interesting places to show her we jump in her car and head off.
I had a plan to show her somewhere different yesterday, but we sat indoors for most of the day, her singing and playing the guitar, talking about some of the gigs she is about to do, and the dog singing right back to her. She seemed a little surprised that he was joining in, but they soon settled into their song together.

My beloved disappeared off to see a sick friend who had just returned from hospital and we agreed to stay until he returned. He was later than anticipated and quite shaken when he came back, shocked at his friends condition. He wanted to be on his own with the dog for a walk.


So we the girls jumped in the car for a short trip out. Heading over to a local area along the river, there used to be a pub there, but it is now closed and the caravan park which borders the river has ducks. We parked up and walked through, looking at the pretty caravans and headed for the river, walking along the towpath we spotted a lot of floating markers which are washed up and decaying rather spectacularly. I wanted to take some photos of them and some of Susie, out in the open air, we had been talking about locations where she could get some new promo ones and although studio shots are great, if she thought about other places as backdrops as well she might get some interesting photos.

It was very windy, we were getting blown about in the wind and it wasn’t very warm, at least we had coats. But we began larking about, taking photos of each other and giggling, a return to kids again. There is a large gap in our ages and you could probably count on your hands the amount of times we have actually behaved like kids together, but we love each other and are alike in a lot of ways once everyone else is removed from the equation. We were just being ourselves, totally natural. Embracing our inner child and each other, with barely any make up and not in our posh clothes looking very windswept. We had fun, thoroughly enjoyed it. I am already making plans for the next time we go out.

Unfortunately the camera on my phone kept freaking out and doing strange things and I had to shut it off to do anything after that. It turns out the new update had messed with my mojo and changed all my images from jpeg to aae files, which my normal PC simply cannot cope with, so I had to fiddle with them to even see them on the laptop when we got home. Thanks for nothing, Apple, it worked just fine before that.



I loved that couple of hours with my sister though, we came home and ate dinner all together and talked some more and the fresh air had put some colour in our cheeks and smiles on our faces. Promoting our own Health and Wellness and enjoying the Nature around us.

We enjoyed ourselves, no expectations to live up to, just being sisters. For this time I am able to spend with my sister, I am grateful. We often say that we would like to spend more time together just us girls, but it took so long to happen, due to our different schedules and now we are enjoying these opportunities.

When you start to think about the small things for which you are grateful, let alone the big things, you start to look at your life and the things around you in a much more positive light. I was encouraged to look at being grateful for small things, by a lovely lady who has been an inspiration to me many times during the past year. Kristin Granger over at She posts inspiring quotes via her face book page and reminding me to look for something good in the day she also encouraged me when I told her that I wanted to write and gave me a few pointers on how to start with my blogging.

Despite a windy day, there is sunshine out there within those clouds and you only need look for it. I am Grateful for being able to see, both the wonderful things around me and my lovely sister.



Photography, Catching a Moment and Steam #1



Some of you may already know, that I am an amateur photographer whenever I get to feeling creative it is one of the first things that I turn to.  It reminds me that there are some great things out there in this world, we just have to open our eyes to them.  With a keen eye, I love to get out and about in the elements and get photographing the things that inspire me.  I love spending time in Nature, Looking at wonderful Architecture or just catching the spirit of a passing moment whenever I can and enjoying the surrounding countryside and it’s beauty.

As Spring has finally sprung, I have been out and about on my walks with the Dog, snapping away and making the most of the wonderful light and sunshine.  Previously I have used all sorts of cameras’ my favoured Nikon D50, which is quite old now but more often than not, these days like it seems with most people, we resort to the mobile phone. Thankfully I have upgraded that to the 21st Century in the past few months and am enjoying what my Iphone has to offer for impromptu photos.

Many of these are posted on Instagram, so why pop along for a look if you have a moment. AloeEverybody – Instagram and from time to time, I’ll be sharing some on here too.  Meanwhile, reminding me of Winter, which is so soon forgotten now that the warmer weather has arrived.  Here’s something I took on a Steam Train Ride at Christmas in the Scottish Highlands, I was reminded of this trip when Peter Keith posted on Facebook a drone film of The Flying Scotsman Steam Train crossing the Forth Bridge at the beginning of this month.  It was an iconic moment absolutely beautiful, along with a different view of the stunning scenery in one of my favourite parts of the world an experience which is firmly on my wishlist.

There will be others posted later in the collection tagged under Steam.


On Facing our Fears.

It’s a strange thing, when you decide to face your fear.
I know that in some ways it can be a good thing, however there are times when fear itself has a firm grip and I am left feeling unready for the excursion.

My fears this particular morning, may seem be quite a simple thing to others. Yet bring such fear in myself as to bring on a panic attack of such magnitude that it sets the irritable bowel off on it’s merry way again. All that brought on by the mere thought of doing something which we feel we cannot possibly do. I do not understand how it can have such a devastating effect on us. I feel the need to berate myself for being so silly about it in the cold light of day.

Yesterday I awoke in the early hours and thought about brushing the dog, such a simple task you might think. However it is not for me. In 2012 I was attacked by 2 Dogs, the first was one which we were considering re-homing. After we had spent 2 months with him around us, settling him in as part of the family, he attacked both my Partner and I for attempting to put a lead on him to take him for a walk. It was totally unexpected, but this was something that we had not done, since his current owner had always put his lead on for him. He had been in our home during the day for several weeks, we had all walked together along with our dog regularly. I had also taken both dogs out on my own, without issue. He had stayed for the weekend and even slept on our bed. But suddenly he turned on him and bit my partner’s hand down to the bone and sunk his teeth into my thigh when I tried to split them up and get my partner out of the way to safety. Suddenly this very large cuddly puppy reacted like a monster, he was heavy and very strong and we had to rethink, although we gave him another chance other circumstances forced our decision not to take him on. A few months later, a random dog went for my one over the playing fields and again I got in the middle, to protect on this occasion my baby. It resulted in my being maimed a hospital stay and two operations. (and so much more that I won’t go into here)

So for the reasons I have already mentioned, I am now hesitant to be in with my beloved and very large dog, in a confined space for the three hours it will take me to brush his coat. Since the accident I have avoided this for as long as possible and it is simply not fair to him. He has a very long coat, with several undercoats and moults twice a year. These are major moults which shed like tumbleweed all over the house and garden. At times this has me thinking that I would rip up all the carpets, the only thing stopping me is I actually like carpet underfoot. So I have persisted with it in the house. Now that the warmer weather has definitely arrived, he is shedding his winter coat all over the place. I need to take action. I have always bathed him with my partners help, he loves water so much that it has to be a joint effort to hold him in one place for long enough. I have always brushed him myself, believing that it strengthens the bond between us. He has never been to a professional groomer and I cannot afford to take him to a professional to get him washed and brushed now. I don’t actually know how he would react at this new thing now he is five years old. He’s always been a bit funny about his bits. But I have always brushed him nevertheless. He doesn’t like it much, under sufferance, he will relent and let me brush him until he goes to sleep and then wonders why I have to continue. He is not a willing accomplice and these days I muzzle him for the duration, which is torture in itself, since he wonders what he has done before we have even started. He growls at me when he has had enough and this is why he wears the muzzle, just in case. He can look very fierce when he is growly and I find it disconcerting in a confined space, although I am Mummy and generally boss he is after all a dog and doesn’t like being cornered.

As I merely thought about brushing him, since I was due to have an afternoon where my Partner is out, I had thought it might be the ideal time. But then I felt that familiar tightness in my chest, building up to an almost insane level where I could not breathe. The pressure in my ears thudding around my head and my pulse quickening. This went on for some time and then I started to feel a numbness up my legs. I tried for a moment to change my thinking, calm thoughts but it was just too late, it seemed to have taken hold of me. After trying to kick it out of my head with meditation, I was able to calm down but for a while, the terror reigned. I lost all rational thought, a mind full of what ifs….

He is my baby and I love him so much. He wandered into the room, took one look at me and turned and left, in one look probably told him what I was thinking, it was a complete dead loss, I had no chance of brushing him that day. Thoughts of that day almost two years ago returning to me had rendered me incapable of taking care of him properly, a full blown panic attack and the stress making itself apparent in so many ways, headache, shaking sweating and an upset stomach being just a part of the experience.

I will man up and face the fear, I have to. But It might take a few attempts and I might have a half brushed dog in the meantime.

On Becoming Creative Again.


Discover Feature on Creative Habits I came across this post called “Writers and Artists on Creative Habits, Accepting Self-Doubt and the Rewards of Perserverance” the other day and found a little inspiration there.

I felt that I had something to add to this but I didn’t want to just comment upon it.  You see like most, I have struggled with my own levels of creativity over the years, and especially within the last couple of years, due to an accident and it hitting me kind of hard, it disappeared completely.  I missed my creativity so much, I wanted it back, hell I even craved it’s return so that I would feel some kind of normal again, so this is about creativity in general, in whatever form it takes for you.

I have always been one to collect things, I get that from several members of my family, along with making do and mending things, recycling etc etc.


A couple of years ago, I decided to make soap, I was trying to get away from the traditional presents for friends and family, since no-one knew what they wanted for Christmas and it might be fun to make it a home made one. Oh Kirstie Allsop, you have alot to answer for….

I looked at soap recipes, I used to buy wonderfully scented soap on trips to france, it was Marseilles Soap in gorgeous colours and the smell would carry all over the house.  You had to store it in the back of the linen cupboard though, since you’d be able to taste it otherwise. But I thought, that must be an interesting thing to do. I purchased some silicone cake moulds, to give my soaps interesting shapes, since I was going to give them away as Christmas presents and gathered all the items required to make it.  Nothing and I mean, nothing prepared me for the colossal mess that I was going to make or the time that it would take to clear up afterwards and I must admit to getting carried away with the scents.  I made about 6 different scented batches, despite following the recipe there seemed to be so much more of the mixture than I anticipated, so I spent a merry afternoon, trying to find other ingredients in the kitchen, which I could include, in case someone didn’t like the scent of one, there was another.  Of course I had to include manly scents.  All in all, I enjoyed making it…. But would advise against silicone moulds in future.  I ended up with trays of the stuff too and about 36 cup cake sized soaps, which once they had cured were quite presentable.

Back to the recycling for a moment.  I went on a wonderful Christmas holiday to Scotland and beach combing, since it was winter time and stormy there was so much washed up along the beach and I came back excited with my hoard of shells, stones, seaweed etc, in the sure knowledge that I would make something wonderful with it, when I got the chance. They are all washed and cleaned in readiness and have been stored away since our return… here is my stash ready and waiting to be turned into artwork.

I have yet to achieve that particular goal, meanwhile it is in bags and a box in my kitchen cupboard and every time I do the hoovering, I get it out put it to one side and the dog starts eyeing up the sticks with a smile.   He knows that if I do not get around to making something, then he will end up with the slightly salted sticks from the beach and is ever hopeful it will be soon.

In winter months, I buy wool and ribbons and think about making wonderful things, or re purposing tired objects to give them a new lease of life.  This last year, whilst I stocked up on those essential ribbons to wrap Christmas presents with I did not get around to doing the crafting, I still have more than enough ribbons to last me for a while.  I did not get the motivation to actually do anything with them. I have good intentions, but will I actually get on with it?


I used to make things.  for instance I have a box of beads from when I was a teenager and I used to make jewellery, also some of the items I made are in there.  Once in a while I think about doing that again, however it is one of my Mother’s hobbies to make jewellery now and she does it rather well.  I am lucky to have a very creative Mother who has presented me with some wonderful creations of hers with crystals and stones which I love to wear.  I made clothes too, knitted things and drew pictures (mainly houses).  I was quite artistic, I also made cards and planned interiors.

Last Christmas I had a creative streak once again and made decorations.  This came about since we were given a tree whilst we were on holiday and there was absolutely no-where locally where we could buy any.  It pushed me and I had to think up novel ways in which to decorate the holiday home and tree with whatever I had brought on holiday, or could find around us.  I ended up with some lovely natural decorations, it got the creative juices going and I was quite pleased with the results.

Since then I have begun writing again, my creativity has taken a new route, but it is firmly back in my life, providing inspiration in whatever small way as and when it can.  So in whatever small way you can, be creative, don’t give up on it, persevere whenever you can and you too will reap its rewards.  You might also have some rather exclusive gifts to give away to your friends as well.


This One’s for my Boy. Happy Birthday Prince of Night.

This is for someone very special who is very close to my heart and who is five years old Today, he is my furry son.  Happy Birthday Prince of Night today we will sing your Birthday song, together.

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Happy Birthday Prince of Night.

For one you’d pay a Kings Ransom,
He is so fiendishly handsome.
Five years ago I knew that he was on his way,
My baby boy was born, a call, today’s the day!
You see I’d met his parents and they’d put me on the list,
And they wanted me to have one, so offered me this gift.
He is the best present, that I ever could have wished,
I remember each morning as I’ve just been kissed.
Said that I’d be happy to act as baby sitter,
He was one of Mika and Bear’s first litter
Off I went to see them, with a skip and a dance,
Seven bundles born that day, one didn’t have a chance.
Of seven beautiful puppies, there was one poor little mite,
They lost him the next morning, he was too tired to fight.
But with Mika remained six beauties, so healthy and so strong.
I had to wait to see them, two weeks would seem too long.
With regular puppy updates,
No info I would lack.
I went there to climb the gates,
My first visit to the pack.
They were so very tiny, you could look but couldn’t touch.
Mika stood on guard there and for Bear it was all too much.
I clambered in to see him, he was all but in a muddle,
Buried hands deep in his fur, he needed a big cuddle.
I told him he had done so well,
Those kids would make him proud.
That over years time will tell,
If they could sing as loud.

The next time I was able, to see them I was met
With six furry little ones and which I’d choose, who’d bet?
On each and every visit there,
My Camera I would take
Always Hello to Mika and Bear
A record I would make.
The day that they were big enough
I ventured again to see
Sat myself upon the floor
Each puppy climbed on me.
Soon I was amass with smiles galore,
Nestled in wherever they could, with puppies on the floor.
I would have to make a choice soon,
“Sure, I’d take all six”
But reality had hit me
And a date we had to fix.
I thought I’d always wanted, a neat and tidy grey
But it wasn’t one who chose me, on that fateful day.
You see that a decision, was written in the stars,
The one that was there to love me and help me heal my scars.
There seemed to be just one there,
Who watched me as I walked.
And as I said Hello to them,
He noticed when I talked.
There were six bouncy bundles,
Three greys, three black and white
Over laps and toys they tumble,
While some will fuss and fight.
But this one stood out for me, apart from all the rest
Not the biggest of the litter, but that one, he’s the best.
While other’s went off alarming,
He was thoughtful and quiet,
He sat there looking charming,
Didn’t worry for his diet.
When I sat there with them, he was filled with curiosity,
And tumbled round the others, to come and sit with me.
For a moment regarded and thought that I might toy,
But I knew that we’d decided, that ours would be a boy.
Playing with this little lot, became the weekend game,
And as the time went by us, we decided on a name.
My suggestion to call him Kato, since it conjures up a smile
Reminding me of the films I loved, would suit him by a mile.
So at six weeks I’d ask him if he was to be the one,
A raised paw on my knee to show me that I would be his Mum.

We had to leave him there, just for a few weeks more,
Now that it was decided, I missed him all the more.
The day arrived in August, when I could pick him up,
He was the first to leave them, the bravest little pup.
I had to fill in papers, give him a kennel name,
I listened to the ones they’d chose, he’d never be the same.
I chose the one that suits him, he is now Prince of Night,
Of all the other options, it suited him just right.
So with all the toys and blankets and our puppy by my lap,
Time was up, we headed off and he began to nap.

We took him in the house, allowed him to walk and roam,
All around the place and garden, that would be his home.
I put on a new collar, it seemed so big on him,
It went round his neck, was sure it would need a trim.
Since he’d been in a kennel, with all his litter mates,
A bath with him was needed, great care with him we’d take.
I brushed him gently after wrapped him in a big soft towel,
He trusted me to love him, didn’t need to fuss or howl.

Over years he’s been here with us,
We all have learned a lot,
That he doesn’t sing for sirens,
And he’s happy with what he’s got.
He doesn’t sit there wishing,
For something that is yours,
He’s love to go off fishing,
Or running through the moors.
His favourite food is fish, but also something nice,
Is when you are making curry, he’ll have chicken and some rice.
Or if you’re cooking sausages, or offering a prawn,
But when he’s not too hungry, he’ll turn his back and yawn
Sitting by my feet, as I prepare some food,
Doesn’t beg for bit’s and pieces, that would just be rude!
He has lovely manners, will ask for things nicely.
And when you offer him a treat, he’ll skip around with glee.
As he grew older, he learned to sing and talk,
Answering my questions, always Yes to take a walk.

We dance around the garden, now the house is feeling small,
And with paws on your shoulder, he really is so tall.
He has his little nicknames, we call him Little Ted,
As morning is arriving, he’s bouncing on the bed.
Lazing about on his back, paws to face the sun,
He is so very funny and is still our little one.
In mischievous moments, he is the “Furry villain”
His best friend of all, is a Labrador called Dillon.
He’s getting kind of heavy when he sits upon your feet.
And should a visitor come to call, he’ll always race to meet.
Such character in him it catches us all out,
A cheeky moment, now and then the rules he tries to flout.
Life with all his nonsense, is certainly not boring.
But never had I thought we’d find one so adoring.

We’ll be singing “Happy Birthday,” it is his favourite song.
It’ll only take two notes to start and he will sing along.
There will be a present and something nice to eat,
We’ll take him somewhere fun, a family outing treat.
There’ll be celebrations in our house this week,
Visiting relations and his chance to speak,
He’ll skip about the garden tell them about it all,
If the weather’s sunny will play there in his pool.
Before the day arrives, we’ll treat him to a brush,
Take it nice and slowly, there’s not a need to rush.
I will brush his face, around his fluffy ears,
slowly round his breeches, do not alert his fears.
Brushing round his tummy, he’ll wriggle and he’ll whine,
And many hours later, he’ll be starting to feel fine.
As now several years later, our son is turning five,
every morning when I see him, I’m glad to be alive.
Over years we have taught him, to love and not to fight,
We found life is much simpler when things are Black and White.


AloeEverybody, A New Hello!


To all of those of you who know me personally, you may or may not be aware. The past couple of years has forced changes, both personal and in my working life. As a consequence Life has not taken the exact route I had planned for me, so I am taking it in a slightly new direction, pushing it onward in whatever way I am able to do.

Originally I started this website solely to promote my Forever Living AloeVera business. I had great vision for it but circumstances have as yet prevailed and although it continues, I have not yet thrown all my efforts into it to make it the business it could be. However, continue to be a strong advocate of using these products and the great effects they bring to your health and wellbeing and am happy to continue to sell them to whoever would like to purchase them from me. The wonderful thing about having a Forever Business is that you are able to take a side step when you need to and just pick up again with new training for the wonderful new products they continue to develop. The company keep you informed with regular updates, and God willing if you have someone in your up-line who might understand that not everyone‘s best is the same. There are at times different levels of best, which you as person are able to give and they let you get on with it and re-join the party at a later date when you have something else to bring, for that I am grateful. By it’s very nature this business requires you to get out there and be sociable, telling all that you meet and spreading the word, it is a word-of-mouth business. Having a long term illness which wreaks havoc upon your life, even when you think you are through the worst of it and can rear it’s ugly head once again years later, is tough and like many illnesses can have an effect on your self-confidence. Over the years I have highs and lows as it dictates to me. Latterly having been diagnosed with PTSD after an accident, it left me a void of self confidence an unable me to do what the business required of me to progress. I have concentrated on trying to get better and with the help and the understanding of those closest to me. I am on the road to recovery.

Those of you who know me well will also know that I have returned to writing in the past few months. Not knowing whether this is my true vocation, I have began to write again on a small scale, whilst I found my writing voice. Although I am regularly writing and now posting some of it online. I can say that it has become an outlet for me to explore and write about my own outlook and poetry and has given me the voice which I needed on my way to finding a new improved me. (After all, there is always some room for improvement) In some lights portraying a whimsical version of myself or what happens to pass through my thoughts and my observations. It is with this in mind that I now fully intend to overhaul this website in the coming months, whilst I figure out what the future holds for me.

Whereas once it was to be just a serious business site here to promote the products and what I was doing in the business, the events I would attend along with many others, there was nothing much to separate it from the rest. Forever Living Products is a huge, worldwide business, so what sets me apart from the hundreds of thousands of people who distribute the products worldwide? Well, I am finding my voice again, it has been there all along, hiding, waiting and I am slowly finding it again. It is a little hoarse from being so quiet, but I guess that takes time. I now intend to fully develop the blog side of this website and incorporate my knowledge about other things, whether it be health matters, wellness events or just my outlook and approach to things, if you like what you read, share the love along with my posts. Please follow the new blog on it‘s new route and hopefully we will remember that life is supposed to be fun along the way.

I intend to review, whether it be books, events, products or whatever…. Please remember that all opinions are just that, they are my own though and some may be backed up by knowledge. It is important, that we retain a little humour from time to time. Life can be so serious, but in this life we are also supposed to have fun.

It is my chance to yell “AloeEverybody.” from the rooftops. As the play on words suggests when I first thought of the name, where I come from it is a Hello and it is meant for everybody. In the hope that some of you will respond to it, interact with me on the subjects I write about. Although it is not everyone’s particular brand. I hope that as we continue it will also gain momentum, oh and a huge following…
So, If you would like me to review something for you please get in touch with me via email on the contact page.

Spring is Here…


So, Spring has finally arrived here and with it some beautiful warm weather.  We weren’t sure it was ever going to arrive, but it hasn’t failed us.  This is one of the first chances for the locals in this seaside town to fry themselves gently in the sunshine…

Or, there is an alternative.

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