Oh to be Mainstream… Living with food issues.

Well I was thrilled to bits to read that Dominic Teague, the Head Chef at Indigo, at the Aldwych Hotel in Covent Garden has gone Gluten and Dairy Free in his menu.  Even more pleased for him that the whole menu has become safe and has been so for three months… Even better than that, no-one even noticed!

It just goes to show that with thought and the right ingredients many great things are possible.

For someone like me who had pretty much given up eating out for the past few years, for the fear of repercussions.  I am looking forward to the time when I am able to try the wonderful menu, although I may have to save up for a special occasion it is now firmly on my wishlist of places to visit.

I may have to tell my friends about it, who knows we may have to do a group booking.

Roll on the special occasion…

Health Marvels – Indigo Restaurant Review


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