Welcome to The Team.


I was looking through my Linked in updates earlier and among all the other things which appear there  I was immediately struck by this picture of items placed on a desk for a new starter at their company. I have seen quite a few of these lately however this one inspired me to think about it a little more it was posted by Gareth Dagger their Divisional Manager and I hope that he doesn’t mind my sharing it with you. Here’s the link should you wish to connect with him www.linkedin.com/hp/update/6237674048374087680

Think of it like this, First impressions last….

This particular company are Senior Finance Recruitment and wanted to welcome their new team member.

So, what does this selection of things say to you?

Personally, I think this would be a lovely welcome to a new company.

To me, It says so much, but more importantly… “We are professional, so we are giving you the tools with which to do your job and here they are”. Everything that we can think of you will need to perform at your best is right here.  Your mobile, desk phone, stationery (which is always welcome in any type of administration role) calculator, which has to be accessible and a portfolio to keep it all together when you are meeting clients and prospects.

This would immediately inspire confidence in your decision that you had joined the right place you don’t have to go searching for any of it when you arrive.  They are prepared for you and you are not an afterthought.  It is organised immediately enabling you to just start work without fuss. There are great expectations for a bright future that is why they chose you and you chose them.

There is also a Mars bar, which would thrill many of those with a sweet tooth, who might suffer the mid-morning sugar lows.  They could have picked any sugar based snack, however this would send the clear message from their advertising campaign that has run for years and everyone knows that “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play” thus inspiring you to enjoy the little things that give you that work life balance.

The desk area is clean and tidy, the screen and keyboard not carrying the residue of the previous inhabitant, or looking like they upped and left after a bad day. It is fresh and new, just as the new member of staff is.

There are Tea and Cookies and a new clean Mug right there for when you need a little refreshment.  It encourages you to get involved, doesn’t it?  “Hello, I’m making a cup of tea, does anyone else want one?” An Ice Breaker and the chance to introduce yourself to the other members of the team away from your desk and start to make those all important connections which will help you and your company grow together.

The Champagne? Well, that is to share in your Congratulations that you have been welcomed into a great team, or completed your first deal, or even survived your first day.

So I have just one thing to add that I think this particular company Butler Rose got the balance right here and for that I endorse their thinking.


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