Aloeeverybody Here’s My Blog…


The BlogAloeEverybody, A New Hello!

By way of an explanation, I am now writing a new blog, via this website, please click on the link above to find out more.  My aim is to give voice to many subjects. I intend to review, whether it be books, events, products or whatever…. Please remember that all opinions are just that, they are my own though and some may be backed up by knowledge. It is important that we retain a little humour from time to time. Life can be so serious, but in this life we are also supposed to have fun.

There is more to me than AloeEverybody and now there is more to AloeEverybody than Forever Living Aloe Vera Products.

Please feel free to follow the Blog, Find me and connect on Twitter and Facebook by searching for AloeEverybody

Thank you!