Food Glorious Food – The Recipe Exchange

In 2007 I received an email, which was copied to various other people. It was a very simple idea, that you would each send a recipe to your friends and also include the person who had sent it to you. A bit like chain mail but with a much nicer end result, you would all have some great recipes to try and may also get into dialogue with some new people along the way and you would each end up with 36 recipes.
Checking back through the emails, I only have 5 emails, so something went wrong along the way but whatever recipes they contain, I will include in the Food Glorious Food section of this blog since you may wish to try them.

It also got me thinking…
Now I know far more people from around the world who may have their own favourites, of course with instant messages on Facebook now rife the email recipe exchange idea is somewhat redundant. But you get the idea. I thought I would ask around and ask my friends who enjoy cooking, (and eating) to provide me with a tried and tested recipe, perhaps from their homeland, or just a favourite that I might include here. It is just to get the food section up and running and see where it goes. I have also asked for my brother’s help with this since he is now a chef and travelling around Europe, for his contributions, perhaps he can find some great local dishes he’d love to share with you all.

So, watch this space and do feel free to give them a go. I’d be happy to hear about your own attempts, successful or otherwise. I will also include some of my own and in the spirit of all things homeopathic, I have a tasty winter recipe for Rosehip syrup which I will dig out and share with you.


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