Bring on the Summer

All you need to protect your skin from the effects of the sun. Sunscreen, Aloe Sun Lips, Hand Sanitizer and Cooling Aloe Vera Gelly which makes the perfect Aftersun treatment.  With a multitude of uses our Aloe Vera Gelly is also very calming on insect bites. Our sunscreen comes as a Factor 30 for great protection and is available either in a spray or lotion for easy application. Great smelling, it’s a hit with adults and children alike.




So, I decided to try and take a few shots of the products within our ranges, in some very nice Bathroom settings, My Special Thanks to Montrose Furniture Ltd for the use of their space for the shoot and with a little inspiration for the staging I set to work.   My unedited photos will be hitting the site soon, so you can see what the outcome was, meanwhile here’s a sneak preview.  All photography my own, all rights reserved.

DSC_0205 DSC_0191 DSC_0197